Monthly Archives: November 2022 (Legit Or Another Scam?)

Yes, definitely a legit site. Best customer service ever!  The whole team on this site did a great job of not only helping me choose and buy, but also accompanying, advising and supporting me with all my questions and requests. As this was my first time buying this kind of product, I was very worried about choosing the right product in the right place. This team was 100% focused on making my experience the best it could be.

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Yes, fantastic service! This was my first time buying a sex doll and I have only positive things to say about it. First of all, the sales team on this site doesn’t have enough stars! They are fantastic! They are very good. Every company should have this kind of customer service. They worked with me on every detail and turned an unpleasant purchase into a pleasant experience. There were a few issues, but they stepped in immediately and fixed everything. I thank you guys for that! Second, my dolls, I can only say are amazing! My doll is mine. Reviews | scam, legit or safe check

Yes, this site is safe and legit. The level of detail and effort that went into this doll is incredible. I had some trouble finding clothes that fit her size, she is tall and very thin, but it was worth it. She is so beautiful and realistic, just like in the pictures. The quality of the material is very good, soft and realistic. The skeleton is a little stiff at first, but I think it will soften with time and use. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase.